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ITV: Social media has saved linear TV

"Social media has come to the rescue of linear television by turning programmes into must-see events, delegates here have been told.

Alberto Barreiro, head of experience for ITV online and on-demand, said the broadcaster was “trying to understand what is the role of a broadcaster in a digital world,” where “both linear and VoD are perfectly valid and have to live together.”

ITV has recently revamped its VoD player ahead of the launch of its micropayment system to access archive content, while second-screen apps and playalong games have been developed for shows such as The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent.

Barreiro said social media has “come to the rescue” of linear TV, allowing friends and family, and strangers, to share the experience of watching content even though they might not be in the same room.

“We’re extending that experience and making the most of it in digital through clips and highlights,” he told C21′s Propaganda Factory conference at Bafta in London today.

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