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Lazy Sunday for the #Montreal canine population #plateaumontroyal #dogportrait  (at Alibi)

Lazy Sunday for the #Montreal canine population #plateaumontroyal #dogportrait (at Alibi)



Pirate invasion at the playground this morning #laterpath #Montreal #selfie at Parc La Fontaine – View on Path.

Pirate invasion at the playground this morning #laterpath #Montreal #selfie at Parc La Fontaine – View on Path.




Elder abuse and neglect is one of America’s fastest growing crimes targeting one of its most vulnerable populations. In long-term care facilities, cases of abuse and neglect are largely out of view and underreported. As a result, countless elderly victims are suffering alone in silence.

Within one year, over $5 billion went to substandard care, according to reports by the U.S. government. Many nursing homes reported staffing levels insufficient to provide adequate care, including some of the largest for-profit chains in the U.S., according to a study. Enforcement agencies say they are limited by new budget cuts. While the business of elder care is growing.

Fault Lines investigates how problems of government oversight and corporate accountability persist in many states, and how poorly rated facilities continue to operate without penalties despite repeated offenses.

Premieres this Sunday, September 15, 2013 at 7:00 and 10p EST on Al Jazeera America. Episode will premier on Al Jazeera English in the coming week. Episode produced by Elizabeth Gorman with Josh Rushing as Correspondent. 


should the US thank Qatar for bankrolling investigative reporting like this ? or dig another hole and stick its head in the proverbial sand ?






In Orbit, Suspended Wire Net Installation Lets Visitors Climb Inside a Düsseldorf Art Museum



Can Apple Heal Hollywood’s Head-In-Ass Disorder?

Apple is the answer. Or, at least the iTunes Movie Ticket Store that I invented in my head is.

Imagine this: You buy your movie ticket via the new iTunes Movie Ticket Store. The ticket is sent to Passbook on your phone. This is a confirmed sale and gets you through the theater doors so the venues have a chance to make their profits from popcorn and soda sales.

Movie studios happy? Check. Movie theaters happy? Check.

Now, once you leave the theater, you can log into your iTunes Movie Ticket Store account and are presented with the option of buying a digital copy of the movie you just saw, available for download that day. Movie studios get your theater ticket purchase and also get your impulse buy purchase locked in. Apple gets an iTunes sale. Film buff gets his immediate gratification.

Movie studios and theaters happy? Check. Apple happy? Check. Film buff happy? Check.

More so, digital downloads sold in this manner could go for a premium, say $24.99, instead of the average $15 movie price on iTunes. Apple could even offer some of their 30% cut of download sales to the theater chains as a way to sweeten the pot for their involvement (besides, Apple would be getting a slice of ticket sales).

Even if Apple and the studios imposed reasonable time limits—such as requiring you to decide whether you want to buy the movie within 24 hours of seeing it, or not making it available for download to your account in the first week or two of a movie’s theatrical release; even limiting it to one device, like an Apple TV—everyone still wins.

Will such a distribution method ever happen? As a movie fan, I hope so. Apple, studios, theaters, and viewers all benefit. If not, as smart TVs and home theaters get better and better, as a consumer’s expectation of instant gratification only grows, movie piracy will continue to increase—and in the end, that’s bad for everyone.

America's artificial heartland– Venkatesh Rao – Aeon

" Both the high-end faux-naturalism of Whole Foods and the budget industrial starkness of Costco have their origins in the original A&P retail experience. The modern system of retail pioneered by Gilman — distant large-scale production facilities coupled with local human-scale consumption environments — was the first piece of what I’ve come to think of as the ‘American cloud’: the vast industrial back end of our lives that we access via a theatre of manufactured experiences. If distant tea and coffee plantations were the first modern clouds, A&P stores and mail-order catalogues were the first browsers and apps."



Study: China Surpasses Japan to Become Second-Largest Pay TV Market Behind U.S.

According to the report, produced by Digital TV Research and released Wednesday, China surpassed Japan to become the world’s number two market for pay TV (subscription and on-demand) in 2012. Looking ahead, the authors said pay TV revenues will more than double over the next five years in four countries — Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam — and triple in Indonesia. During that same period — 2012 to 2018 — revenues are expected to fall in South Korea and Hong Kong.



Selling Hulu Is Just One Way Its Future Could Unfold

Andrew Wallenstein hits out of the park once again, great analysis !

Hulu’s future can be boiled down to five distinct paths, and it’s this latest one that might be the likeliest and best option.
1. Hulu gets sold
2. Status quo
3. Make room for another owner
4. News Corp. buys out Disney

5. Disney buys out News Corp.

Why Netflix Money May Be Expensive for Viacom

tech and content are lifelong friends, it’ll work out in the end…

Bernstein analyst Todd Juenger is convinced that, at least for kids’ programmers, and Viacom in particular, the Netflix deals are bad ones, because they train Netflix subscribers and their kids to watch the shows on the Internet instead of on TV.

This makes intuitive sense to people like me, who have kids who watch a ton of Viacom shows — andalmost never watch them on TV. Viacom has said thatthis isn’t the case, but today Juenger has a new note making the same argument, with new data.



Amazon Announces ‘Zombieland’ Pilot

the #contentrumble is alive and well ! next up will be Walmart-Vudu, mark my words

While the Amazon Studios pilot Zombieland, based on the hit 2009 Sony movie, has already been cast and filmed, this is the first time the company has acknowledged its existence. The pilot hails from Sony Pictures TV, marking the first Amazon original project from a major studio.



China’s Digital Cloudburst Covers Filmart

Digital delivery is one of the hottest topics at Hong Kong’s Filmart, as more Chinese auds use their cellphones and tablets to access content. China has a population of 550 million webizens and the number of mobile Web users was up nearly 18%, or 64.4 million new users, to reach an impressive 420 million total users last year.

New ‘Angry Birds’ Toon “Just Disrupted The Entire Media Ecosystem”: Analyst

“the pace of innovation is accelerating and that traditional media industry gatekeepers run by executives such as Brian Roberts, Rupert Murdoch, Bob Iger, Sumner Redstone, Jeff Bewkes, etc. do not hold the same grip on content creation and distribution that they once did,”

HanWay Select signs VoD deal with Sohu Video

HanWay Select has signed a subscription VoD deal with Sohu Video, the VoD arm of Chinese internet giant

The deal also increases the availability of arthouse product in China’s booming online video market, which so far has been mostly focused on Hollywood and commercial Asian titles.




Ted Rall: Liberal Democrats

Now i get why some ppl say @davidfrum is a libdem


Ted Rall: Liberal Democrats

Now i get why some ppl say @davidfrum is a libdem